Partner visas for married or de facto partners, including same-sex partners
Prospective marriage visas for fiancés
2 Categories for Partner Visas:
What is a Partner Visa?
A Partner visa can be granted upon the basis of a genuine marriage between the partners, or on the basis of a de facto relationship. It enables the non Australian partner to travel to and reside in Australia, initially for a period of two years.

At the end of that period you have to prove the continuing and genuine nature of the relationship. Assuming he or she meets all other criteria, the visa holder will be eligible for permanent residence.
Partner Visas
Genuine - the intention to remain together in the marital relationship
Continuing - a relationship that has not ended
The Department will take into account factors such as:
Genuine and continuing relationship
The financial aspects of the relationship (joint ownership of property, joint liabilities, pooling of resources, sharing of household expenses) and
The social aspects of the relationship (how the couple represent themselves to others, joint social activities undertaken by the couple, the opinions of the couple’s friends and family)
Temporary separation:
Living situation
Couple can live separately at the time of making the application & its processing; however, such separation has to be justified (eg. cultural reasons)
Couple is regularly separated (for work or study), but still live together.
Living together - evidence of cohabitation must be provided (i.e. leases, utility bills). Other details about the nature of the household will also be examined.
We will help you provide the relevant documentation to prove your relationship.
There are different classes for whether your partner is onshore (in Australia) or offshore (outside of Australia)
- Partner visas are for married and defacto partners (including same sex partners), and
- Prospective marriage visas are for fiances(ees).

The Partner visa subclasses are specifically designed for people who are either onshore or offshore a are either married or in a de facto relationship, or are offshore and are engaged to be married.
We will review the provided materials, advise you in relation to your situation, draft and lodge an application for a Prospective Marriage Visa or Partner Visa, lodge necessary documents, our Migration Lawyers will draft and lodge legal submissions why your meet the visa criteria and why your visa should be granted, represent you thought the process, correspond with the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA)
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